Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

Roll out the green carpet with Scapeworks’ Sir Walter soft leaf buffalo grass!

Enjoy softer, greener lawns with Scapeworks’ Sir Walter soft leaf buffalo grass.  Discovered growing wild in Australia, this new lawn is hard-wearing, drought enduring and low maintenance all year round! Delivered right across Melbourne, treat your home to some beautiful buffalo grass from Scapeworks today.

Perfect for Melbourne lawns, Sir Walter soft leaf buffalo features:

  • Broad, soft and flat leaf shape best mown to a height of 30 – 40mm.
  • Natural dark green appearance.
  • Tolerance to both shade and full sun positions.
  • Adapts to most soils.
  • Wear resistant and is quick at self-repairing.
  • Competes weeds.
  • Low maintenance turf, requiring minimal fertility and irrigation.
  • Short dormancy period provides year round freshness.

Wherever you are in Melbourne, Scapeworks is the name to trust when you are after high quality Sir Walter buffalo grass. At a great, affordable price, call Scapeworks on 03 9778 5511 for more information today!