Couch Grass

Obtain high quality lawns for your Melbourne home with Couch Grass from Scapeworks.

As the leading supplier of natural and synthetic turf for a versatile range of applications, Scapeworks is the name to turn to when you are after Couch Grass in Melbourne.

Pronounced “COOCH”, Couch Grass is by far one of the most popular lawn varieties due to its fast paced growth, great wear resistance and high quality finishes when mowed.

A great investment for your Melbourne property, discover the benefits of natural Couch grass

Couch (Cynadon dactylon) – Conquest or Santa ana features:
  • Quick to recover from any wear or damage
  • Adapts to a wide range of soil types
  • All soft leaf couch grass varieties are extremely drought and salt tolerant
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Ideal for an active family or frequent dog traffic
  • It has a fine to medium leaf
  • Thrives in sunlight, can easily exist at a low height as long as adequate sunlight is met
  • Best mown to a height of 10-15mm

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