Kikuyu Grass

Turn to Melbourne’s Scapeworks for acres of healthy, low maintenance natural Kikuyu grass.

At Scapeworks, we specialise in providing high quality natural and synthetic turfs for residential and commercial properties all across Melbourne.

Kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum) grass is the perennially popular lawn of choice amongst many community sporting grounds and schools due to its low mowing frequencies and quick repair characteristics – an easy, affordable and low maintenance choice for optimal return on your investment!

Wherever you are in Melbourne, enjoy the features of Kikuyu grass:

  • Medium to coarse leaf, best mown to a height of 30-50mm.
  • High traffic tolerance and quick repairing.
  • One of the tougher, more durable grass varieties available.
  • Warm season grass that thrives on sun and heat.
  • Requires minimal irrigation and fertility.
  • Goes into dormancy for approximately 8 weeks during winter.

To learn more about using Kikuyu grass and turf prices for your Melbourne property, contact Scapeworks 03 9778 5511 or fill in our online enquiry form today.